Why Is It Hot Underground? Simple Animation Answers This Interesting Earth Question [VIDEO]

If there is one thing functionally positive about Youtube, it is easily the fact that along with all the entertaining videos, there are plenty of other videos that teach people something. It may be DIY for home projects or tips ranging from art to cosmetic application; it is all there.

Here on The Inquisitr, we usually report on the super-popular videos. However, we really enjoy sharing the ones that teach people something. Subjects like food science on adding insects into our diets, detailing how the U.S. dollar’s worth is calculated, or summarizing the situation with Iraq, Syria, and ISIS, we think these videos do a fine job teaching people something that is good to know, even if they never utilize the knowledge in real life.

Now there is another science video that is asking a simple question: why is it hot underground? Luckily for us, MinuteEarth took up the challenge as they answered this question on their Youtube channel.

The video titled Why is it Hot Underground? was uploaded on July 16, 2014 and is now sitting on over 350,000 views. And so you know, MinuteEarth aren’t newbies when it comes to making videos of this nature. Just on their page alone, they explained the scientific story of our planet, explained the secret social life of plants, and answered why sand looks all the same (I always wanted to know the answer to that question, too).

This video actually brings up science history pertaining to temperature. It seems that the first theory for why the earth is hotter as we go deeper underground came from William Thomson. For many, the name doesn’t ring a bell until his title is announced: 1st Baron Kelvin.

That’s right! The unit of measurement of temperature is named after him. In all respects, his theory was spot on for what they knew about the earth back then. Of course, due to the limitations of that time, Kelvin was unaware of other factors we know today, such as radiation.

Still, this video is very entertaining. It also helps that it isn’t overly technical and uses simple animation to get the point across. Check out the video and discover another interesting fact about our amazing planet.