Toasted Selfie: New Toaster Model Will Let You Personalize Toasts With Your Own Photo

The trend of selfies refuses to die down. In fact, people seem to be coming up with new ideas to capitalize on them. An American company that makes the ubiquitous little toaster for example is the latest to do so, reports Mashable. The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, based out of Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, has introduced a new selfie toaster using which you can have your own personalized toast with a picture of you on it. The selfie toaster unit would also ship with your picture on it. The company is not new to the toast art industry as they have in the past released several toaster models that can create artistic toasts.

The selfie toaster has been priced at a very reasonable $75 and comes in five color options — blue, red, yellow, green, and powder. All the prospective buyer needs to do to immortalize themselves on their piece of toast is to send the company a high resolution picture of themselves. The company does insist on a high resolution image, preferably with a white background for better results — although this is certainly not mandatory. The manufacturers will then customize your selfie toaster with your picture. You can then enjoy having your personalized toast with your picture on it. Daily.

For those terrified at the prospect of having to eat your own picture, there are other non selfie variants of the novelty toaster as well. Simply put, you can have any picture on the toaster you wish. The manufacturers also have a gallery full of toasts with images of various kinds just to show you what they have manufactured in the past.

In case you are planning to order one, do note that it would take them a week to make your selfie toaster and ship it out to you. And in case you are wondering how they can sell a toaster for as low as $75, the answer is: “Made In China.”

For more details on the selfie toaster, head to their website here.

Other toaster variants include Toast Notes, Jesus Toaster, Mary Toaster, and Peace Toaster among others.

[Image Via Mashable]