Reporter Pranks Video bombers In Epic Way

While I have never worked as a television reporter, being a working reporter I do often see people trying to jump in the live shots of my television colleagues. Normally, they just keep proceeding with their reports as if nothing is happening.

But for one Chicagoan, he has made it his mission to get back at the video bombers.

Pat Tomasulo is the reporter who pranks video bombers at WGN-TV 9 in the windy city.

Aol posted about his most recent effort to prank the Chicago video bombers:

“‘We are back here live with Annie and Maggie,’ Tomasulo said to some festival-goers. ‘It’s the latest beauty trend that’s sweeping the nation, where women are not shaving any part of their body. You guys have been doing this for awhile?’

“Stunned, one girl asked, ‘I thought we were talking about the Taste of Chicago?’

“Tomasulo then told two ‘video bombers’ that they were talking about men’s health. ‘A lot of people are embarrassed to do it, but when guys like you are out here wearing diapers it gives everyone else confidence to do the same. You know what I mean?’

“The men were speechless.”

The Daily Mail reports that the last time the Chicago reporter pranked video bombers was back in July 2013 at a Chicago mall. The British tabloid explained how exactly the reporter crafts his pranks on the video bombers:

“Tomasulo pretends to talk to the camera in live interview and is tipped off to a ‘video bomber’ by a member of his crew.

“After he asks if they want to be on live TV he begins the painfully personal questioning.

“One man who had made a gesture behind the TV reporter’s back was asked how he was treating his erectile dsyfunction.

“Four young men were asked about the frilly underwear they liked to wear – and quickly walked away looking embarrassed by the line of questioning.

“The former sports reporter joined WGN-TV in June 2005.”

The payback Tomasulo is serving up in Chicago comes after years and years of individuals taking it upon themselves to interrupt live shots and creating bloopers that have now become Internet fodder.

As The Inquisitr has reported before, 2013 was chocked full of news bloopers. Enough news bloopers occurred that year to make a “best of” video.

Perhaps one of the most memorable incidents of the public interrupting the work of television journalists was when a Fox News report was interrupted by “kiss bombers.”

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