February 13, 2017
Lindsay Lohan Drops Bikini Cleavage Photo, Picks Up Award in Italy

Lindsay Lohan is taking to Instagram to document her current trip through Italy -- including a full-frontal cleavage bikini shot that got more than 77,000 likes on the popular social photo sharing site.

Lohan also received the Biggest Comeback Award at the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest. Celebrity gossip site TMZ was doubtful about Lohan's qualifications for the award.

Lindsay Lohan doesn't hear the words, "and the award goes to..." very often, [but] she heard it Tuesday... We kid you not... We're not exactly sure what comeback they're talking about ... her recent acting work has been limited to TV... and her last film was The Canyons-- which grossed $56K.
Admittedly, the award does seem strange. Lindsay has managed to stay in the public eye as always this year, but it has been more for news of the bikini cleavage shot variety than accolades for her acting chops. Lohan received extremely negative critical reaction to her roles in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick for Lifetime and in The Canyons with porn star James Deen.

Adding to The Canyons debacle, Lindsay faced an extremely popular, extremely negative New York Times Magazine article from a reporter who was on set during the filming of the movie. The article portrayed Lohan as a vindictive, unprofessional child who made the set a living hell for everyone involved. Although co-stars and the production team defended Lindsay before the press, the damage has kept Lohan from securing any new film roles. Lindsay's last major success was the Tina Fey-written comedy Mean Girlsin 2004.

Instead, Lindsay has been picking up a steady stream of television appearances this year, from her own documentary series on Oprah's OWN Network to a recent cameo the ABC comedy series 2 Broke Girls. But despite giving her exposure and cash to fund her much speculated debt, both yielding embarrassingly low ratings: her 2 Broke Girls was the lowest-rated episode of the season, according to British tabloid The Daily Mail.

Lohan's Oprah series was not renewed for second season after it also producing disappointing (and rapidly diminishing) ratings throughout its 8-episode run. But this may have been the least of Lindsay's worries -- Oprah was reportedly very upset with Lindsay's erratic behavior during filming and several reports that she had relapsed in her alcohol addiction.

Lohan is currently in rehearsals to star in David Mamet's newest London play Speed-the-Plow. Early reports surfaced that Lindsay was already up to her old unreliable behavior, but entertainment tabloid BBW quelled this rumor when an insider reported that rehearsals hadn't even started yet. Perhaps some Lohan bikini cleavage photos will manage to draw in theatre-goers either way.

What do you think -- does Lindsay Lohan deserve a comeback award in a tepid year? Is the media out for the actress' blood no matter what?