Lilica The Junkyard Dog Walks Four Miles And Back Every Night — The Reason Is Beyond Amazing [Video]

Lilica is a junkyard dog in Sao Carlos, Brazil, who every night walks four miles down dark roads and across dangerous highways all for one reason — and that reason is amazing, and should set an example for human beings, who could learn a thing or two about sharing and sacrifice from this selfless junkyard dog.

Someone abandoned Lilica as a puppy in the junkyard, owned by Neile Vania Antonio. Like many junkyards, the place serves as a dumping ground for stray animals. There's a cat, a mule, another dog and several other animals living in the same junkyard.

Watch this amazing little documentary about Lilica and you'll learn her whole story and, we expect, won't be able to hold back a tear.

Three years ago on her wanderings around town, Lilica met Lucia Helena de Souza, an animal lover who feeds any stray that comes her way. Helena gave Lilica some food, and not surprisingly, Lilica came back to get more in the following days.

Visits from Lilica became a regular occurrence for Lucia. She began walking to a nearby park each night to wait for Lilica, who showed up without fail. One night, she noticed Lilica staring at the bag full of food, even after she finished eating. So Lucia, acting on a suggestion from a friend, tied the bag up and sure enough, Lilica picked up the bag and walked away.

After this happened several times, Lucia followed Lilica, watching her risk her life to cross highways and make her way along darkened back roads, all the while never dropping the bag of food.

But when Lilica reached her destination, what she did next was even more incredible. She delivered the bag to her friends in the junkyard — the dog, the cat, the mule and so on. Thanks to Lilica, everyone dined well.

"An animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson. A lesson for us," Lucia said, of the selfless and tireless dog who risks everything every night so her fellow junkyard animals can eat.