Suspected Shoplifter Is Allowed To Make One Phone Call, Orders Pizza And Gets In More Trouble!

When it comes to crime, we sure have our fair share of weird and/or funny crimes that make people wonder why in the first place. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported how a thief tried to steal from a lemonade stand and how another thief tried to kidnap a baby alligator by rolling it underneath his shirt. Surely stupid crimes are not anything new, but what if the crime is committed after getting caught by the cops?

Unfortunately for one man, he fits that bill as reports are coming in of how he used his one phone call to order pizza while in custody at the Kentucky Police Department.

According to an article by Fox Chicago, police in southern Kentucky say they arrested 29-year-old, Michael Harp for shoplifting. While being held, he used his allowed one phone call to a pizza place and have five pizzas delivered to the police station. It should be clear that the police were very surprised. However, that is not what got Harp in major trouble. Ordering pizzas isn’t a bad thing and I am sure the police wouldn’t have minded if the culprit paid for what he ordered, but he had to take the low road while he was being detained. Harp impersonated a police officer while making the call.

It must have been surprising for Officer Wilson, the officer who arrested Michael Harp, to suddenly have a bill for five pizzas. Now I don’t know how much five pizzas cost in Kentucky, but on average, five large pizzas from Pizza Hut can cost $60. Nevertheless, $12 for one pizza would be considered a lot of money if the person didn’t order it in the first place. Nevertheless, police figured out it was Harp who made the call for the pizzas since they liked the call to his cellular phone number. In his defense, Harp did state to WKYT-TV it was all a misunderstanding and that ten other people used his phone in the following statement:

“They’ve charged me with two felonies over this pizza deal because I had my phone inside the holding cell. There was about 10 people who probably used the phone.”

If Michael Harp is being charged with two felonies, it is understandable why he is trying to remove the blame from himself because, according to a follow-up by Daily News. Along with his charges of shoplifting, Harp is also charged with identity theft and impersonating a police officer. As of now, he has been released from the Whitley County Detention Center, where he posted bail… and it is unknown what became of the five pizzas.