Imagine Dragons Frontman Doing Charity Concert For Utah Woman With Cancer

Imagine Dragons has been seeing nothing but success since their single “Radioactive” off their debut album Night Visions. Now they’ve got a song on the new Transformers soundtrack and they’ve got over 100 songs to whittle down onto a second Imagine Dragons album. But Imagine Dragons isn’t just soaking up their fame and spending money. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, is putting on a charity concert to benefit a Utah family struggling with cancer.

According to Deseret News, Dan Reynolds made friends with a woman named Kim Olsen White at a fireside for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2007. Since then, Dan has become the frontman for Imagine Dragons and Kim Olsen White has been diagnosed with cancer. The Imagine Dragons singer decided he could use his musical success to help her out.

“The best part of my career is to be able to do something to give back and to help,” said Reynolds. “I think anybody in that position to help should definitely take it because you feel like you’re part of something bigger than you, and it makes you see the world in a different way.”

This isn’t the first charitable action that Imagine Dragons has taken. When Dan Reynolds and his bandmates first formed Imagine Dragons, they also founded the Tyler Robinson Foundation in honor of a young friend who had died of cancer. Imagine Dragons puts on regular benefit concerts and gives proceeds to the foundation and families struggling with cancer. Imagine Dragons claims that the money raised “goes towards the families and all the unforeseen costs that come with that beyond medical bills.”

Now, Imagine Dragons is continuing the charity effort and the battle against cancer. According to the Daily Herald, the Imagine Dragons rock star is performing his concert today, July 17 at the Sandy Amphitheatre in Sandy Utah.

White discovered she had a cantaloupe-sized tumor in her kidney while she was 18 weeks pregnant. The doctors had to remove the tumor immediately, which resulted in the death of the unborn child. After the tumor was removed, doctors determined Kim had adrenocortical carcinoma, an aggressive cancer in the cortex of her adrenal gland.

The Imagine Dragons singer plans to put on a small one-man performance to raise money to help his friend in need, possibly covering medical bills and extra costs that come with White’s treatment.

“I think any musician is looking for ways to be part of something that’s bigger than themselves,” said the Imagine Dragons frontman, according to the Herald Extra.”Being a musician can often be a really selfish career. Everything’s always focused on you. So it’s nice to do something that kind of takes the spotlight off of yourself. It puts things in perspective, and keeps your head on straight.”

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