Elle Macpherson Bikini: 50-Year-Old Macpherson Looks A-mazing In A Teeny Bikini

Elle Macpherson wears a bikini and looks better at age 50 than most girls look in their 20's! The supermodel showed off her rockin' body on Twitter, posing on a yacht while having a drink. Her drink, however, was not champagne or a glass of wine. Nay, nay; Macpherson keeps her body lean and mean by sipping on green juice -- a fresh concoction of vegetables and supplements. Many people who drink fresh juice tend to mix items like kale, spinach, and celery with lemon, apple, and coconut water to mask the taste.

It's unknown exactly what Elle puts in her juice, but according to the LA Times, maitake mushroom is more than likely part of her regime. The strange mushroom is one of the ingredients in a supplement powder that Elle has her name on. And it must be working!

Elle Macpherson and her bikini body don't pretend to be lucky. In fact, Elle has previously said that she attributes her good looks to feeling good "on the inside" -- and she has mentioned her "super greens" on more than one occasion. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Macpherson keeps things fresh and listens to her body. She says that she feels happier now than she has ever felt:
"I feel loved, balanced, happy, healthy and at peace with who I am. Feeling good on the inside is more important to me now…looking good follows. My secret? Love, laughter…and my super greens."
Elle Macpherson's bikini body is not getting any younger, but she is aging finer than most wines! According to Mail Online, Macpherson tries all kinds of things to stay in shape. In fact, she has even tried out that weird clay diet.

According to Mail Online:

"A firm believer in balance the cover girl cites regular exercise, visualization, meditation and of course her drink for being in fabulous shape. The U.S-based Sports Illustrated star is said to be one of the celebrities following a new clay drinking craze, according to Grazia magazine. The clay, which the A-listers mix with water, is said to be rich in magnesium, which bonds with toxins and heavy metals in your body before flushing them all out."
Hey, whatever it takes, right? What do you think of Elle Macpherson's incredible body? Can you even believe that she is 50?!

[Photo courtesy of Elle Macpherson / Twitter]