Grumpy Cat Joins Famous Cats In ‘Cat Summer’ [Video]

The internet’s favorite cranky kitty is the star of a new music video, “Cat Summer.” Grumpy Cat joins Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Nala Cat, Oskar the blind cat, and his one-eared buddy Klaus in a new catchy tune to celebrate the season.

As with most internet videos starring Grumpy Cat, “Cat Summer” seems to be on the verge of virality. You can watch the video for “Cat Summer” here at The Inquisitr above.

In “Cat Summer,” the celebrity kitties can be seen playing, eating, and interacting outside and in various summery settings. They relax at a cook-out, play in sprinklers, and even venture around a backyard croquet course. While the video might be lacking a few familiar feline faces like Lil BUB and the cross-eyed cat Spangles, the major online heavy-hitter Tartar Sauce (Grumpy Cat) is in the center ring.

Grumpy Cat has feline dwarfism, which gives her shortened legs and an underbite, making it look like she’s in a perpetual foul mood. In reality, Grumpy Cat isn’t grumpy at all and seems to have a pretty fulfilling life of happiness and fame. The other cats to appear include Hamilton, whose famous for a white patch of fur that looks like a hipster mustache, as well as Klaus and Oskar, who are famous for being cute and friendly despite a few missing parts.

The Music Timesreported on the release of “Cat Summer,” claiming that the artist who wrote the song is Colbie Caillat. Colbie is a singer-songwriter who was not credited at the end of “Cat Summer,” but whose talents are appreciated nonetheless. You can listen to her single “Try” in the video below:

The music video does end up being a commercial for the new Friskies brand of cat food “Grillers,” which has “meaty tenders” and “crunchy bites.” But the song is good enough to be worth a listen and the famous internet cats are always a treat. All donations accepted from the “Cat Summer” music video will be made in honor of a deceased feline celebrity, Colonel Meow, who died earlier this year.

According to The Huffington Post, for every view that “Cat Summer” gets, Friskies will donate one meal to various cat charities in Colonel Meow’s name. So getting your fix of internet cats is for a good cause this time! There’s no shame in replaying the video over and over.

So, what did you think of “Cat Summer”?