Morgan Smith Goodwin Wendy's: Ad For Wendy's Has Folks Wondering Who New Chick Is

Effie Orfanides

Morgan Smith Goodwin is in a new Wendy's ad and the commercial has everyone wondering who she is. According to Yahoo! News, Smith Goodwin is a 28-year-old Alabama native. Aside from the fact that the new Wendy's girl is very pretty, much of the curiosity surrounding her had to do with people wondering if she was actually Dave Thomas's real-life daughter. Despite looking like a grown-up version of "Wendy," the actress is not related to the Thomas family. Furthermore, Smith Goodwin is a natural blonde -- she dyed her hair red to take on the role, something that she says she takes very seriously.

Smith Goodwin said:

"You have to be forever grateful and very flattered when a company will trust you with their brand. So I don't take it lightly."

Morgan Smith Goodwin has done Wendy's proud. In fact, the company is thrilled with their commercial gal, and they say that Smith Goodwin is their "most successful" marketing effort since the 90s.

Vice president of brand marketing for Wendy's, Liz Geraghty, said:

"We're thrilled that Morgan Smith Goodwin, who we call 'Red,' has resonated with our customers since we first introduced her in our advertising April 2012. 'Red' has been our most successful effort since the Dave Thomas advertising campaign in the 1990s."

Smith Goodwin doesn't have a huge following on Twitter, but people are definitely paying more attention to her nowadays. In fact, some people have decided that she's one of the hottest chicks in TV commercials, replacing previous favorites like "Flo" from Progressive and Vanessa Branch, the Orbit Gum girl.

Morgan Smith Goodwin and her Wendy's commercials aren't getting a warm, fuzzy reception from everyone, however. Some people find her annoying -- and they have shown their disdain on social media. The messages have been rather hostile.

— Austin Drzewiecki (@ADrzewiecki) July 15, 2014

— Panch Rio (@APANCHALYPSENOW) July 14, 2014

— N. M. Lombardi (@AutumnHeart) July 13, 2014

Morgan Smith Goodwin and Wendy's don't need any bad press, that's for sure. Don't forget that story from last summer that showed a Wendy's employee "drinking" from the Frosty machine (via The Inquisitr).

What do you think of the "new" Wendy's girl?

[Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News]