Pitbull Puppy Dog Dragged Behind Truck For Miles In Exchange For Drugs And Alcohol [Video]

A pit bull puppy was dragged behind a truck for miles on a rural road by a man named Roger Owens, who claims he accepted drugs and alcohol from the original owner in exchange for getting rid of the poor dog in such a nasty fashion.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another pit bull puppy dragged by a truck was named Trooper. The five month old dog was dragged down a highway before being rescued by a good Samaritan. The poor dog underwent seven surgeries, almost lost a leg, and endured 20 different laser procedures.

This particular pit bull puppy is named Andra Grace, and Greenville County Animal Control officers say witnesses saw the dog being dragged behind an older white Ford farm truck only to be left for dead. Fortunately, Andra Grace survived the ordeal and her wounds were patched up by vets. Now, she is capable of walking again even though the photos show the horrific damage she sustained to her legs. A group called SNARR adopted the pit bull and helped find adopted homes for several other dogs, as well.

The incident occurred this past December, but Owens only recently was sent to court to face a judge for his actions. Police charged the man with ill treatment of an animal, and Owens had claimed he intended to “plead guilty to my charges and get it behind me.” In his defense, Owens claimed he had been recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and was taking prescribed medication.

Previously, Greenville County Council member Butch Kirven had claimed the maximum sentence Owens could receive was a $1,100 fine and 30 days in jail. But Judge Letitia Verdin decided to hand down a much harsher sentence, saying, “This is one of the cruelest things that I’ve seen since I’ve been on the bench.” Owens was sentenced to five years in jail for dragging the dog behind his truck, plus five more years for traffic offenses, and six months for DUI-relating driving under suspension. All in all, Owens will spend 10.5 years in jail for his crime, although reports do not say what, if anything, happened to the original owner of Andra Grace.

Cynthia Saracino, who works with SNARR, is hoping that Owens’ prison sentence will receive enough attention that others may think twice before doing something so cruel to an animal:

“I hope it sends a message to future animal abusers. I also hope it sends a message to our judicial system that it shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Do you think a prison sentence of 10.5 years is fair for dragging a pit bull puppy behind a truck? What do you think should be the maximum punishment for animal cruelty?