Niall Horan Shares Photo Of One Direction’s Latest Fragrance

Niall Horan really wants you to purchase One Direction’s latest fragrance.

To entice fans to throw as much money in their general direction as humanly possible, Horan posted a photo of the You & I bottle on the group’s official Facebook page. After all, nothing gets the wallet burning quicker than actually seeing the container that houses 1D’s latest foray into the fragrance business.

Here’s how Hollywood Life describes the bottle nestled in Niall Horan’s lovely hands. Warning: The urge to purchase the fragrance might become overwhelming.

Proceed with caution.

“The bottle looks much bigger and taller than the ‘That Moment’ bottle, with a big diamond cap and gold accents on the front of the bottle. It appears glass with a pink fragrance inside.”

According to Beauty World News, Niall Horan even spread the good word about the You & I bottle on Twitter. You know, just in case folks somehow managed to miss the photo on the band’s Facebook page. Obviously.

Check it out:

This isn’t the first time someone from 1D took a moment out to tell the world about the group’s new scent. The Inquisitr previously reported that Liam Payne recorded a promotional video for the fragrance earlier this year.

Here’s what Payne had to say about You & I:

“Hi guys, so we’ve got some really, really big news for you. We have a new fragrance coming out. It’s coming out later this summer called You & I. We’ve worked really hard on it and we tried to find a scent that we all liked and we worked really hard on designing the packaging and bottle as well. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. Enjoy!”

If that patch of text was too much to handle, then have a look at the video embedded below. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty much hits on the same points.

The fact that Niall Horan is pimping You & I should prove that he’s not bidding farewell to the group. Although the singer is reportedly putting together some so-called “solo companies,” that doesn’t mean he’s turning his back on One Direction.

A source recently explained:

“The story is not true. These are just long-term plans. They may take a break after their tour but they certainly won’t be splitting. Niall loves being in One Direction and would be the last person to leave the band.”

Have you stopped starring at the photo of Niall Horan holding One Direction’s latest fragrance? Do you plan to pick up a bottle?

[Lead image via Mark Cuthbert / UK Press / Getty Images]