MGM Wants To Blow Up Vegas Hotel That Hasn’t Even Been Built Yet

MGM wants to blow up a casino in Las Vegas and while that practice in and of itself isn’t all that strange for a city that reinvents itself on a nearly daily basis, the fact that the resort hasn’t even been built yet has raised some eyebrows.

Vegas’ largest casino operator submitted paperwork on Monday with the county office that would allow them to implode Harmon Tower, once considered the crown jewel of the new $9 billion CityCenter which also includes Vegas hot spot Aria.

The Harmon Tower project has been derailed on several occasions due to various construction problems and an engineering report which says the tower couldn’t withstand an earthquake.

According to MGM, blowing up the tower will be the quickest and safest way for them to resolve issues, while contractors say they can fix the issue which has locked the company in a legal battle with workers on the project.

In an editorial piece the Las Vegas Review-Journal notes:

“Perhaps the implosion of the Harmon could be promoted as an offering to end the curse of this recession.”

In any case with a lawsuit currently underway and city council approval needed, it could be a while before MGM begins to implode anything from the site.

Does anyone else find this type of destruction to be a bit extravagant at a time when our economy is sputtering along with no fix in sight? On the other hand, I do enjoy watching very large structures blow up and MGM does that better than most organizations.