Watch: Woman In Wheelchair Uses The N-Word, Gets Best Response Ever

We've come pretty far as a country, moving from institutionalized slavery to Jim Crow to having a black president in just a scant 150 years. There's still the question, though, of just how to react when someone uses a racial slur. Fortunately, one brave man has given us a blueprint for cooling racial tensions... literally.

"Actions," as the saying we just made up goes, "speak louder than slurs," and this man's actions, coming in response to a Rascal-riding racist's rant, speak volumes. Volumes of water, that is. About a gallon and a half, by the looks of it.

We don't know what led up to this exchange of words and water, but we must say we're inspired. It's definitely a more satisfying video than the most famous recent racist rant, which saw stripper and Dollar Store patron Janelle Ambrosia tossing off the word "n****r" like it made her teeth whiter.

Fifty years ago, Bull Connor and his police force turned firehoses and dogs on peaceful protestors in Birmingham, Alabama. They probably screamed "n****r" as they did it. We'd like to think this clip is the Universe having a bit of a chuckle at the racists' expense. It's not all the way there, of course, but if Black Guy with Water Hose had had, say, a chihuahua straining at its leash to get at the Rascal woman, it would be perfect.

So thank you, Anonymous Water Hose-Wielding Black Guy, for showing us the One True Way to deal with belligerent racists. And thank you, too, Anonymous Angry Rascal Roller, for playing a critical role in the most schadenfreude-tastic video we've seen in a while.