IDF Soldier Does Illegal Reddit AMA

Reddit's "AMA" threads (Ask Me Anything) range from the mundane to the fascinating -- and a current Reddit AMA from an IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) soldier is technically illegal but very interesting.

The thread is titled "Iama IDF (Israeli) solider. Ready to talk about my opinions and the way we deal with Gaza. Please, ama." In it, u/Eylo answers both serious and basic questions alike, admitting that he could face serious consequences for his internet candor -- but that he feels openly discussing his IDF duties is worth the risk.

One user asks about the common claim that Hamas uses human shields to evade Israeli defense, to which he replies:

"As far as I know it is. They form bases under schools and hospitals. They put launchers in families homes. This is way Israel can't complete the operation with air strikes alone, and says it need to physicly march in to Gaza."

When asked about the legality of the IDF soldier AMA, he replies:

"I won't get caught. But it could cost me some jail time. But I think that having an intelligent conversation does us more good."

Another user asks about land entitlement, and Israel's justification for use of force. The soldier replies:

"A tough one... I don't believe the Jewish narrative (or any other nation's narrative) for birth right. Which raises the question of why did I sign in. Well, I want to protect my loved ones."

"Reddit Gold," an on-site currency awarded from user to user for exceptionally useful comments, was given to u/Eylo for that comment, and below it, a Palestinian redditor also received Reddit Gold for his reply:

"I am a Palestinian supporter and you have my respect. I believe Israel should be safe and sovereign and Palestine along side it as well."

Another user piped in:

"Ok awesome, let's just put you two in charge and we can get this thing sorted before dinner."

u/Eylo added:

"We will still need our people's support."

When one heavily downvoted user asked why the IDF doesn't use more lethal force indiscriminately against Palestinians, he quipped:

"I don't play this way. I don't kill for the sake of killing. They are people. Plus, more virgins for me."
He adds of a separate story alleging Palestinian kids were fired upon:

"If this story is true, the soldiers should be [locked] in prison and publicly exposed."

Finally, and somewhat movingly as a front-lines soldier, his response to a question on whether he sees all Palestinians as he sees Hamas was answered thusly:

"I don't believe they feel the same. Not all of them. I believe people are born good. You can't corrupt a whole nation."

You can read the IDF soldier's entire AMA here.