Ann Coulter On Illegal Immigration: I Want The Same Fence That Israel Has

Ann Coulter wants to see the United States get tougher on illegal immigration, and has a drastic proposal to stop the influx of people through America’s borders.

The political pundit claims that President Barack Obama has done nothing to solve the recent border crisis, saying he has thrown money at the problem without really addressing it.

“He may as well take his $3.7 billion and have a big bonfire, that would be better,” Coulter said in an interview with the Heritage Foundation’s new media operation The Daily Signal.

Ann Coulter isn’t just blaming Democrats. She said Republicans have been complicit in the illegal immigration crisis, especially those who supported amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Coulter went on to suggest a drastic solution, taking a nod from Israel’s immigration policy:

“Do they understand that people are coming to this country because they think they’re going to get amnesty? So only if only we had given amnesty. It’s not even a illogical, its counter logic. It’s the opposite of logic, it’s madness. No. We want a barbed wire fence. I want the same fence that Israel has. Let’s start with that. I’d like the same fence Israel has, and we just have to get rid of this refugee policy.What are we going to do, take in the entire world? All countries suck compared to America. Is that the standard?”

Ann Coulter has her own suggestion for the hundreds of women and children being held in detention camps along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Retroactively repeal the law and send them home,” she said.

Coulter is not the only one hammering President Obama on illegal immigration. Onetime Republican vice presidential nominee turned political pundit Sarah Palin said this month that Obama has ignored his constitutional duties to protect America’s borders.

In an editorial, Palin wrote that Obama’s failures warrant impeachment:

“In violation of our Constitution, [Obama] regularly ignores court orders, changes laws by executive fiat, and refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like, including our immigration laws. When Congress declined to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants’ offspring, he unilaterally enacted his own version of it, which created the current crisis on our border as illegal youth pour into our country to receive what he illegally promised them. He committed fraud on the American people when he promised that if we liked our health care plan we could keep it…”

Ann Coulter herself has called for impeachment, noting earlier this year that Obama would already be impeached “if he weren’t America’s first black president.”