Remembering JFK Jr And His Beloved Carolyn: What You May Not Know (Video)

Fifteen years ago on July 16, 1999, a nation mourned the loss of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., and his beloved wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister Lauren. The three young lives were tragically lost in a fatal plane crash that took place during unfavorable flying conditions. JFK Jr. was flying the single-engine plane headed towards Martha's Vineyard to drop off Lauren before heading on to Hyannis Port for a family wedding when something went horribly wrong and the plane crashed into the Atlantic, per

But instead of focusing on the tragedy of that day, let's remember the good days of JFK Jr in his exuberant life of thirty-eight years. The son of the 35th president, JFK Jr.'s life was swarmed with reporters and photographers who watched JFK Jr.'s every move. Growing up in the spotlight was not by his choice, but something John Jr. took in stride, notes JFK Jr. once told Oprah in her statement that he has no privacy, "I've got a little bit...I've got enough."

Never seeking out public office, JFK Jr. went his own direction and founded the monthly magazine "George" which had a circulation of over 400,000, per Boston. During this time of being Editor of his own magazine, JFK Jr. met and fell in love with publicist Carolyn Bessette. The two wed in 1996.

The Daily Mail reveals that those closest to them, "recall a young couple 'madly in love,' and filled with optimism on the eve of their marriage on September 21, 1996."

In fact, on that very eve of their wedding, JFK Jr. was so overwhelmed with love for his bride, Carolyn, that he blundered a toast he made to her. He, in all his giddiness, said, "Carolyn, I am looking forward to call you my wife on Sunday..." but before he could go any further with his toast the wedding crowd began yelling, "Not Sunday -- Tomorrow!!! Saturday!!!" per the Daily Mail.

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His face beet red, JFK Jr., all smiles, continued his toast, "Carolyn....You changed my life in a way I never knew was possible."

JFK Jr.'s nanny, Marta, loved John Jr. and Carolyn deeply. She made a statement about the couple after their death saying, "To the very end of John Jr.'s life, they never did anything without each other. Every decision. They were two but they were one." What a beautiful sentiment. We will remember John F. Kennedy Jr. and his lovely wife Carolyn Bessette as a couple very much in love.

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