March 11, 2017
Kellie Pickler Bikini Body: 'American Idol' Alum Shows Off Her Curves

Kellie Pickler's bikini body has people buzzing as the American Idol and Dancing With the Stars alum has been sharing a lot of shots lately via her social media pages. Though the star has had her ups and downs when it comes to her figure over the years, these days Kellie is in fantastic shape, and it looks like she is pretty proud of that fact.

Pickler has been posting a lot of vacation pictures to Instagram and Twitter, declaring herself a "Cabana Girl." Other posts use hashtags like "Island Life" and "Sun Bunny," and it is clear that Kellie has been having some fantastic and relaxing vacation days. It seems this one is a girl's trip as Pickler posted another shot with several other gals, and they seem to be embracing their vacation.

Though Kellie has been keeping busy with her music career these days, she obviously makes time for fun and downtime as well. The DWTS winner recently celebrated her 29th birthday, and she spent some quality time with her husband Kyle Jacobs in Cabo San Lucas over the Memorial Day weekend.

There were plenty of Kellie Pickler bikini body photos posted on Instagram over that weekend as well. It seems that Kellie squeezed in time for fellow American Idol singer Katharine McPhee that weekend too.

What comes next for the singer now that she is done with her "Island Life" vacation? Pickler is touring right now and will be back on the stage in Mississippi on Thursday night. Fans would imagine it will be a great show since Kellie will be energized and refreshed after a few days of relaxing. Pickler's tour continues through September, when she will play two shows in Switzerland.

American Idol fans remember Kellie Pickler's story as she did not have an easy childhood. These days, she seems on top of the world, and she recently talked with Rolling Stone about life now and the people who have influenced her life.

She of course praises many of the country music industry's legends for inspiring her, and she shares special thoughts on her father and grandparents as well. As for Kellie's husband Kyle, she says he changed her life. Pickler shares, "He is my sanctuary and my safe place to come to."

Kellie says he brings out the best in her, and it is obvious that Pickler is in a great place with her life now. As Kellie Pickler's bikini body photos show, she is embracing where she is right now, and she is clearly determined to live to the fullest.

[Image via Kellie Pickler Instagram]