Kaley Cuoco Throws Surprise Party for Husband’s Birthday

It was a weekend of sweet firsts for Kaley Cuoco and her new husband, Ryan Sweeting.

On Saturday, The Big Bang Theory actress threw Ryan an extravagant surprise party, ahead of his actual 27th birthday on Monday.

A video posted by Kaley shows Ryan’s reaction as the surprise party is revealed.

Despite Ryan’s initial shock, it seems Ryan thoroughly enjoyed the party. Photos from Kaley’s Instagram account show the newlyweds in each other arms, savoring the night.

Kaley captioned this picture: “Happy birthday to my incredible husband… I can’t wait to spend every single birthday with you.”

In fact, this was the first birthday that Kaley has spend with Ryan. The young couple met just under a year ago and were married on New Year’s Eve 2013.

During the party, Kaley and Ryan noshed on an elaborate cake from Santa Monica bakery The Butter End. The pop-up creation chronicled Ryan’s life from childhood to his tennis career to life with Kaley.

The Butter End’s owner, Kimberly Bailey, said the design was inspired by a pop-up book and took two months to plan. The flavor? Chocolate with vanilla frosting and white chocolate pieces.

Bailey and Kaley have collaborated before, with great success. For Kaley and Ryan’s New Year’s wedding, The Butter End made a one-of-a-kind cake that hung upside-down from a crystal chandelier.

Though the cake got big billing, it was not the only thing on the menu.

Caterer Meg Hall told People Magazine that the menu consisted of junk food, with a gourmet twist:

“Mac ‘n’ cheese poppers stuffed with fresh lobster and topped with bacon and avocado, mini bags of Fritos filled with warm chili and cheddar cheese, and a burger bar with 12 toppings to choose from, including onion rings and ranch dressing.”

But that’s not all. Guests were able to indulge in a candy bar that featured some of Ryan’s favorite treats: Hot Tamales and German raspberry candies. Meg Hall said Ryan has a sweet tooth, “which… is very sweet, since his last name is Sweeting.”

Aside from the treats, party-goers also enjoyed a photo booth and a performance by synchronized swim troupe The Aqualillies.

Kaley said she is “obsessed” with The Aqualillies and enjoyed their act, “swimming and rockin out to One Direction on the sound system.”

The party weekend would not be complete without a picture of the aftermath. The morning after, Kaley shared a picture of the couple cuddling their dogs, looking tired, but content.

[Photo source: Kaley Cuoco]