Skylar Neese Killed By 'Best Friends', Shocking Tweets Reveal Possible Motive

Skylar Neese was a victim of a horrifying case of "mean girls" gone wrong. The teen was living what many might consider an average life, hanging out with her best friends, taking selfies, and basically normal activity until her friends turned on her.

Apparently Neese's friends didn't like her after all, and it could have been due to anger issues clashing with killer Rachel Shoaf's psychiatric problems.

We've probably all had those times when we questioned why we were friends with some people in our lives. Some of them simply annoy us or just don't like the same things, but we hang out with them anyway because the pros often outweigh the cons. We don't usually end up deciding to kill them, though. It's unknown exactly why Neese's best friends ended up taking their dislike to that level, but some tweets have uncovered a disturbing backstory.

Skylar Neese, 16, had posted some tweets the week before she was never seen alive again, which may help reveal what was going through the killers' minds. Two days before, she had told Twitter it "really doesn't take much to p*** me off," and accused her friends of making her stay at home all the time. Her final post was a retweet from someone else saying "All I do is hope."

This was before Neese sneaked out through her bedroom window after midnight and had been stabbed to death by her so-called best friends Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf.

What looks really disturbing is how nonchalant Eddy's tweets were surrounding the stabbing, as if it was something normal that every teenager does. In between tweets about watching TV shows (such as Law and Order, oddly enough), hating homework, and other normal behavior, she posted one about how she hopes Skylar Neese is resting in peace, adding "I miss you more than you could ever know," alongside some goofy selfies she had taken with Neese in a kind of memorial. A tweet later confessed it to be the worst day of her life.

One of the most disturbing of all was a selfie she took with Sloaf, telling Twitter that "no one on this earth can handle me and rachel if you think you can you're wrong"

Rachel Sloaf was the one who had finally confessed to murdering Neese in January of 2013. She revealed that she and Eddy had planned the murder in science class together, and the plans coincided perfectly alongside Neese's disappearance. They had planned to pick her up at her house after dark and drive off into the woods where they had said they would smoke marijuana, and then count to three before stabbing their friend to death.This coincides with a tweet from Eddy where she confessed that they "really did go on three" with the Skylar Neese murder.Rachel Sloaf was sentenced to 30 years in prison after a brief visit to a psychiatric hospital, and Shelia Eddy was given a life sentence.

The teens who murdered Skylar Neese appeared way too nonchalant about it, and it's disturbing to think others could follow their lead. Teen angst is normal, but murdering someone because you don't like them is not.

[image via Twitter, mexicoinstitute]