July 17, 2014
Kate Gosselin Slammed (Again) After Selling Kids Clothes At Consignment Shop

Kate Gosselin is being slammed, yet again, this time for selling her children's used clothes at a consignment shop rather than choosing to donate them. The single mother reportedly took piles of clothes to a consignment shop, trading them for money. According to Radar Online, this information was revealed by Robert Hoffman, in his new tell-all book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.

Hoffman writes:

"I followed her, several times, to a consignment shop in Shillington, PA, where she carried in piles of children's clothing, to RESELL. Kate Gosselin, a millionaire, was selling clothes she didn't even pay for in the first place to those truly in need."
Kate Gosselin supporters would probably say that Kate has every right to sell her kids' used clothes. While Kate might be (or might have been) a "millionaire," she still has a household of eight children to care for -- and that is not cheap. If she sold the clothes and got some money, good for her. The kids will need new clothes and shoes, and the family needs groceries and other household items.

Kate tends to be pretty thrifty too, often seen shopping at Target. There are plenty of moms out there -- rich or not -- that sell clothes at consignment shops. It just makes sense. However, Hoffman's Kate-slam continued:

"The worst part of this story is that, on the way to that consignment shop from her house, Kate had to drive by – in her $69,000 Toyota Land Cruiser – a giant Goodwill Industries distribution center and retail store, where she could have donated the items and gotten a tax write off in the process."
Kate Gosselin could sue Hoffman, but sources say she's not interested. While she says his words are fabricated, she says she doesn't want to spend money on attorney fees and waste her energy in court when she has her eight children to care for. Despite several negative claims made by Hoffman (including the newest one about Kate's supposed travel demands via In Touch Weekly), Kate's keeping her head held high.

But will the stories ever end? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kate was recently under fire for allegedly spying on her kids. The reality star reportedly told nannies to listen in on phone conversations that her eight had with their estranged father, Jon Gosselin. This, of course, was also revealed by Hoffman. It seems that his sole purpose in life is to bring down Kate Gosselin and make her life miserable. Do you think he will succeed?

[Photo courtesy of Peter Kramer/NBC]