July 17, 2014
David Bowie Tells Fans To 'Dance' And 'Knit Something' In Cryptic Message

David Bowie, apparently, likes to keep the public guessing. After a nearly decades-long silence, the music icon released a new album last year with no forewarning or press. Instead of hitting the talk show circuit to promote sales of his new release, Bowie chose instead to release a few videos and keep his words to himself - save a few messages sent through other people in the past year and a half.

The most recent message was delivered at an event held a few days ago in London at 12 Bar. It celebrated 50 years of Bowie music and raised money for the Terrence Higgins Trust, an HIV charity in the U.K. The note sent by Bowie said:

"This city is even better than the one you were in last year, so remember to dance, dance, dance. And then sit down for a minute, knit something, then get up and run all over the place. Do it. Love on ya. More music soon. David."
NME confirmed through Bowie's spokesperson that the note indeed came from the musician. While many media outlets, such as the U.K.'s Independent, are focusing on the apparent promise of "more music soon," it's interesting to put this latest Bowie expression in the context of other offbeat tidbits he's offered up in the past year or so.

In February, Bowie sent friend Kate Moss to accept his Brit Award for Best Male - wearing one of his old costumes from the 1970s. The text he gave her to read made reference to that piece of clothing before throwing in an opinion on Scottish independence:

"Lovely. In Japanese myth, the rabbits on my old costume that Kate's wearing actually live on the moon, Kate comes from Venus and I'm from Mars. So that's nice!! I'm completely delighted to have a BRIT for being the best male. But I am, aren't I Kate? I think it's a great way to end the day. Thank you very, very much. Scotland please stay with us."
When writer Rick Moody asked Bowie for a "work-flow diagram" of The Next Day, his surprise 2013 release, Bowie unexpectedly obliged by providing a list of 42 words with no other context. Among those, only Scrabble players might recognize miasma and chthonic.

Eric Clapton, so enamored last year with Bowie's then-new song Where Are We Now?, sent him a note even though the two had only met once. Bowie responded with, "thanks for the shout-out, old sock." Clapton went on to use the moniker, "Old Sock," as the title of his new album.

If David Bowie does indeed offer up "more music soon," it will be interesting to see if he chooses to accompany its release with a one-on-one conversation with media, about topics other than rabbits that live on the moon.

[David Bowie Image: Louis Vuitton]