Ansel Elgort Wikipedia Controversy: "I Am Not A Model!" "I'll Do Anything...."

Ansel Elgort, of The Fault In Our Stars fame, seems to be a bit peeved that Wikipedia lists 'model' among his credentials. He tweeted earlier this week that he would do anything to make the editable-by-anyone online encyclopedia not say that anymore.

It seems someone may have obliged, though: the Wikipedia page on Elgort says it was last updated (as of this publication) on July 14th, two days after his request, and no reference to modeling remains.

That wasn't the end of the controversy, though, as many responded with mockery, joking about Ansel's desire to be known by the correct employment titles.

After Cosmopolitan ran an article titled, "Ansel Elgort Demands You Stop Calling Him a Model," Elgort retweeted their link, followed by a demand (tongue-in-cheek? Hopefully?) for fans to stop buying and following the magazine.

It's easy to understand why the actor would be a bit peeved at all the folks characterizing his gripe as a 'demand' when it was much more of a complaint and a plea. Still, some fans seem to think Elgort's sudden rise in fame (box office numbers for Fault In Our Stars have recently beaten Tom Cruise's newest movie, The Edge of Tomorrow) has gone to his head.

Access Atlanta is giving a more positive spin on the actor's lament, noting that while he might bemoan a career mischaracterization, he's definitely a friend of the fans, and it's true: Elgort tweets photo after photo of himself with fans.

Is wanting your Wikipedia page to be accurate really being a 'diva' or do you think Ansel Elgort is well within reasonable rights to ask for it to be fixed?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]