Justin Bieber Posts Model Ashley Moore’s Underwear Photo, Thoughts?

Justin Bieber posted an underwear photo of former gal pal model Ashley Moore to Instagram last night, despite the just turned 21-year-old tweeting that he was “irrelevant” last week, after he posted cozy snaps of himself with model Yovanna Ventura.

So, is the Biebs being passive aggressive, trying to make amends, or simply giving Moore a publicity boost as a birthday gift?

Does it matter? Not in the slightest. But lets explore anyway.

Late Wednesday, the 20-year old singer reposted a picture Ashley previously uploaded to celebrate her 21st birthday on July 15.

In the shot, the California-based model wears black Calvin Klein underwear, her luxuriant curls spread around her.

“21 Today! Thank you for all the Bday Wishes! I love you all — So blessed to see another year (sic),” Moore wrote by the image which was sent to a male user.

She also posted it along with other birthday messages at her Twitter page.

The caption at Bieber’s reposted picture makes no mention of Ashley’s birthday, but appears to be a salty note about her state of undress.

“Ash I see u in ur #Calvin’s,” Justin wrote, referring to the model’s stylish underwear.

At press time, “Likes” for Bieber’s Instagram are over 423,000, while Moore’s original post has attracted over 26,000.

Some comments at both accounts are either complimentary about the model’s figure and/or beauty, or hurling insults at Moore.

Most comments at Bieber’s are from notoriously calm and reasoned Beliebers demanding to know why he is reaching out to someone who has been criticizing him on social media over the past few weeks. Others mention the singer’s current gal pal Yovanna and on-again, off-again girlfriend — Selena Gomez.

Moore was previously seen on a lunch date with Bieber in Los Angeles last August.

Mail Online later reported she was seen leaving the Four Seasons Beverly Hotel in May while the singer maintained suites there. They have also connected online in the interim.

However, when Bieber and Gomez seemed to rekindle their on-again, off-again romance in June before the inevitable crash and burn, Ashley posted an Instagram photo of herself on June 24, captioned:

“Your words mean nothing to me when they are spoken to every girl- | @jordenkeith photo.”

Although the post was directed to another user, that user is now mentioned in her underwear birthday shot suggesting all is well in that relationship and that the message was intended for Bieber.

In addition, Justin later wrote, “Wonder who this is for?” at Ashley’s Instagram page. A few weeks later, Moore tweeted a slew of messages slamming Bieber to another former gal pal, glamour model Chantel Jeffries. Those exchanges are reported here and here.

One of Ashley’s ticked off messages described Bieber as “irrelevant,” and seems to indicate her relationship with Bieber went beyond platonic and she is now suffering from a bad case of the green-eyed monster.

@drewsdope_ No hate, he's pretty much irrelevant as well.

— Ashley Moore (@AshleyMooreM) July 10, 2014

The same could be said of Jeffries and Bieber’s “All That Matters” music video love interest – Cailin Russo. Both posted furious tweets over the past few weeks, after the singer blitzed his social media pages with photos of himself and Ventura from July 8.

@belieberxxsmile apparently he ‘loves’ everyone so who knows lol

— CeeJay (@ChantelJeffries) July 10, 2014

@dylenafetus not this time babe.

— CeeJay (@ChantelJeffries) July 10, 2014

According to TMZ, Bieber and Gomez are playing a game of rebound dating one-upmanship and trying to make each other jealous via social media. So it’s quite possible the Canadian’s public appreciation of Ashley’s underwear snap is a ploy to get Gomez’s attention.

If so, what of Ventura, whom Bieber praised recently on Instagram? Or, perhaps he’s simply trying to be nice?

Whatever the truth is, one thing is clear: the Biebs is stirring up major heat for himself in the female department, perhaps through no fault of his own since he can’t go out with everyone.

Lets just hope the disappointed “ladies” don’t bite him in the proverbial at some point.