Kelly Ripa’s Cooper Fluster War Win: Anderson Loses In Seconds on ‘WWHL’

One simply never knows what is going to happen on Watch What Happens Live. Tuesday night, Kelly Ripa’s stunt had Cooper flustered, and fans loved every minute of it. People know that Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa, along with WWHL host Andy Cohen, are great friends in their personal lives. It seems that this relationship gave Kelly the opportunity to throw Anderson for a loop as all of the viewers watched and hooted.

People shares the clip showing Kelly Ripa’s Cooper fluster. The two had decided to see which of them could rattle the other first, and Anderson fans probably could have guessed he would break far more easily than Ripa. It seems that indeed he did, and naturally the video is going viral online. The game had barely started when Ripa asked Anderson quite the personal question. Kelly, with a straight face as she stood just inches away from her buddy, asked Anderson if he is circumcised. That is all it took for Cooper to lose it. The game was over before it had even started, it seemed. Goodness only knows what else these two would have thrown at one another had it lasted a bit longer.

Though things can always get a bit wild on this Bravo show, this particular trio gave viewers some truly juicy dish to absorb. Andy even joked at one point that his audience is filthy and loves the kind of talk they were having. Per a clip of the Kelly and Cooper WWHLsegment shared by E! Online, it is obvious that the segment is not for folks who are easily offended. It was a hilarious episode for those who love the banter these three real-life friends share, that is for certain.

Kelly and Anderson have quite the friendship off-screen, as they have even vacationed together with their significant others. Cooper is guest-hosting on Live with Kelly and Michael this week, and it sounds as if they will be together for another episode in August as well. During the WWHL show, Cooper also discussed his wild and sometimes raunchy relationship with Kathy Griffin, and it is obvious that ladies love to do their best to rattle the often-serious CNN journalist.

Anderson may have tried to rattle his buddy in their little war of questions, but he really never even had a shot. Can anybody do better than Kelly Ripa’s Cooper fluster war
win? The bar has now been set high, that much is clear.

[Image via E! Online]