Princess Diana Killed By Prince Charles, Camilla Bowles Allegedly Claims

Princess Diana was killed through a plot hatched by her ex-husband Prince Charles, his new wife Camilla Parker-Bowles is allegedly claiming.

A report from the UK's Globe claims that Camilla has been confiding in Kate Middleton about her fears. The report goes on to state that Camilla thinks Charles could be targeting her next.

The report comes just days after what would have been Princess Diana's 53rd birthday. Diana, an unknown kindergarten teacher before marrying Charles, was given the nickname "The People's Princess" for her common background and sense of being relatable.

She and Charles knew each other since 1977, when Charles started dating her sister, Sarah. That relationship ended up fizzling, but Charles soon started dating Diana, and in 1981 they announced their engagement. Later that year, Charles married the 20-year-old Diana in one of the biggest events the UK has seen in the last century.

Princess Diana remained popular even after her marriage to Prince Charles crumbled. On August 31, 1997, one year after their divorce was finalized, Diana was killed in a car wreck in Paris when the vehicle she was in was chased by paparazzi and crashed in a tunnel.

If Camilla Parker-Bowles has fears that Prince Charles orchestrated the death of Princess Diana, she is not alone in having doubts about the circumstances of the crash. Though the idea that Charles killed Diana may not be widespread, others believe that there is a cover-up regarding her death.

Earlier this year the British government released a heavily redacted official report on her death, one that fueled conspiracy theories even more.

The theories echoed claims from Al Fayed, the Egyptian billionaire whose son Dodi was also killed in the crash. Al Fayed has stated that the royal family caused the crash to keep Princess Diana from marrying a Muslim man.

"This is not an accident," he said shortly after learning of the crash. "It is a plot, an assassination."

There is also evidence that Princess Diana feared that Prince Charles could kill her. In 2007, a handwritten letter was revealed in which Diana stated she was in fear Charles would kill her so he could marry mistress Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the former nanny to Princes William and Harry.