David Guetta: DJ's Music Might Make You Angry

David Guetta creates the sort of EDM music that makes people happy. However, there's a possibility his tunes are subconsciously working your nerves.

The next time you're feeling impossibly angry and the world feels like a tightly-wound ball of hate, consider this: Was David Guetta on your playlist today? Specifically, did anyone spin the track "Bad" before those negative feelings worked their way through your bloodstream? If so, Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience professor Jacob Jolij isn't at all surprised. He recently teamed up with the folks at Spotify for a very interesting study.

According to Mixmag, Professor Jolij believes that David Guetta's "Bad" has a tendency to generate negative emotions in some of the people who cram his tunes into their ears. This is reportedly due to the mix of "uptempo" music with strong rhythms. Put those things together and we have a recipe for music-oriented anger.

Professor Jolij explained:

"Music can have powerful effects on our emotions: from making us happy, to enabling the ability to overcome fear, certain music can trigger emotions and hormones that directly affect our moods. The list of tracks compiled with Spotify highlight some of the most effective songs to take us from sad to happy or angry to optimistic."

If David Guetta is getting listeners all twisted up and bent out of shape, then they can balance those emotions by consuming some calming tracks. Warning: This could result in some truly bizarre outbursts, so try not to follow up Guetta's effort with something that's going to make you weep like a small child with a skinned knee.

For example, Avicii's "Wake Me Up" often fills listeners with all sorts of excitement. When music aficionados spin "Magic" by Coldplay, they feel as though they can overcome fear. John Legend, meanwhile, can inspire nostalgia with his tune "All of Me."

Professor Jolij said of Legend's work:

"For many the sentimental lyrics will remind them of somebody special, improving the probability of linking the song to other senses - such as sights or smells -- meaning the iconic 2014 hit All of Me is a reliable track to provoke nostalgia in listeners for years to come."

If you're at all curious to see how the brain reacts to David Guetta's "Bad," then have a listen to the video embedded below. Of course, it's worth noting that The Inquisitr cannot take responsibility for any damage you may cause as a result of this unchecked anger. In other words, proceed with extreme caution.

Do you agree that David Guetta's songs can inspire anger in listeners?

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