Chinese Waitress Shocks Customer, Eats Cockroach He Found In His Salad [Watch]

Businessman Zhang Yen wanted to enjoy a quick bite to eat at lunchtime, but he got a lot more than he bargained for. After he found a large, dead cockroach in his salad he complained to the waitress who was serving him, 39-year-old Jin Kuo.

A heated argument ensued and customers at the eatery began to gather around, some of them taking videos on their phones of the incident. Jin said it was perfectly normal for dead insects to be found in food served in local restaurants, and to prove her point she picked up the cockroach and ate it.

Mr Yen was dining with a friend at the time when the argument broke out and he filmed the whole thing. The waitress said to Yen: “No matter which restaurant you go to, you will always find cockroaches in the food. It is very normal.”

After Jin swallowed the cockroach, the customer promptly ended the bizarre argument by calmly taking money out of his pocket, paying the check and leaving the restaurant while shaking his head in utter disbelief.

The owners of the restaurant apologized to Zhang Yen for the incident and said the cockroach most likely crawled into the dish while it was cooking. The waitress has been punished for arguing with the customer, and is due to get a pay cut to teach her a lesson.

The video clip went somewhat viral in China, with many commentators there suggesting that, if anything, the waitress should have received a pay rise, not a pay cut, for swallowing the cockroach without so much as flinching.