June 29, 2017
George W. Bush More Popular Than President Obama, Is America Saying 'I Miss W'?

George W. Bush is more popular than President Barack Obama in America and the GOP is celebrating how much they miss the former President by printing "I Miss W" T-shirts.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it's claimed that revelations over "finding" Iraq's "missing" WMDs has vindicated George W. Bush, although some that his decisions in regards to the Iraq War set up the ISIS fiasco. But some critics are lashing out by claiming the Bush tax cuts made Americans lose $6.6 trillion because the government could not invest as much money into the infrastructure that supports business growth. While progressives may lap that up, conservatives will probably just laugh out loud.

Speaking of laughing, that's what a lot of Republicans are doing lately while mixing in a whole lot of told-you-so's. Based upon Obama's approval rating dropping so quickly in recent times, it's claimed by some that Obama is the worst U.S. President since World War 2. Even the youth, who used to be considered stalwart supporters of Obama, are supposedly feeling left in the cold by Obama's actions. In fact, the only major demographic that heavily supports the President is Muslims. Obama's approval rating with Islam followers is an astounding 72 percent while Christians, and especially Mormons, are pretty much the polar opposite.

According to a recent Gallup article, if take the entire presidency of George W. Bush and average out his approval rating then he stood at 49 percent for his entire time in office. In comparison, Barack Obama currently stand at 48 percent, although Gallup does note this could change:

"Obama's final approval rating for his entire time in office could, in fact, shift if he were to get dramatically higher ratings in the next two and a half years, for example, or if he were to get dramatically lower ratings in the next two and a half years."

Gallup is not the only polling organization pointing out this trend. A Zogby Analytics Poll also found Obama slipping in popularity down to a 44 percent approval rating, while his disapproval rating jumped to 54 percent. In addition, around 50 percent told the Zogby poll that Obama is "unable to lead the country."

Amazingly, while George W. Bush is starting to become almost popular again, it's claimed that both left and right-leaning journalists are starting to say that Obama has "checked out" as POTUS. Others even say his presidency is imploding over foreign policy issues like NSA spying on friendly countries and domestic scandals like the IRS scandal and the illegal immigration crisis.

Perhaps that is why the GOP is now selling a George W. Bush T-shirt. Their website even makes the message more clear:

"President George W. Bush led our nation through some of the most challenging moments of our nation's history — and we miss him and his leadership. By sporting this comfortable, classic, American-made tee, you can share our message and help us elect principled conservative leaders to office."

Do you miss former President George W. Bush? What do you think of the Obama scandals?