After His Owner Died, Dog Waits For A Year Hoping He’d Return, See The Emotional Rescue [Video]

The emotional rescue of a poodle who was abandoned after the owner died was captured on video. Woody the dog was left at his home’s doorstep when his owner died and the family sold the home. The dog did not want to leave, and instead waited at the house hoping his dead owner would return for him.

Woody was able to survive due to neighbors who left food and water for the dog outside. However, Woody refused to leave the house. The dog made a new home underneath the property’s shed and stayed there living alone for a full year until neighbors contacted Hope for Paws to save him.

Eldad Hagar made the emotional rescue of the dog. Hagar notes in the video that Woody the poodle was completely shattered when he found him under the shed. His spirits were broken, he was dirty, hungry, and emotionally drained. The dog refused to eat and had to be treated with IVs for fluids and as a nutritional source so the pup could survive.

Fortunately for Woody the dog, his story doesn’t end there. With the help of Hope for Paws and Hagar, Woody has returned to good health, has learned to love people again, and has had a complete makeover. The dog is hardly recognizable from what he looked like under that shed to today. See the transformation photo below.

Woody the Dog

Currently Woody resides with a friend of Hagar named Lisa Charelli, but Hope For Paws is looking for a permenent home for him.

Woody isn’t the first dog to stay through extreme conditions waiting for a deceased owner to return. Another dog refused to leave his deceased owner’s body in 100-degree heat and had to be rescued.

What do you think of this loyal little dog waiting for over a year for his deceased owner to return?