The Same Experiment Of Asking People To Spare Some Food Was Repeated In India, Guess What Was The Result?

Quite recently, The Inquisitr had reported on a shocking revelation about how people who can afford to spare food or help others, often don't; while those who seem to be struggling, are actually quite generous. Concluding the experiment with the simple, but hard-hitting tag-line, "Sometimes those who have less give more," the viral video proved how affluence and ability to give aren't necessarily the prerequisites for generosity.

The original experiment was quite simple. A youth approached random people eating at a restaurant and asked if they could spare some food. The seemingly bizarre request was justified with the excuse that he had no money to procure sustenance and needed their kind assistance.

Needless to say, the first and basic reaction from those who were presented with such a request was suspicion or surprise, but the result remained unchanged, no matter who the youth asked. All the people who the youth approached, either politely or apprehensively, turned-down the request to spare some of their food.

The video takes a very interesting turn when another person offers pizza to a homeless, poor man sitting on flight of stairs. Though the person really seems in need of assistance and unable to spare anything, when the youth approaches him, making the same request, all the homeless man asks is, "You Hungry?" Thereafter, without a moment of hesitation, the man offers a portion of his food.

Though the video is merely an experiment conducted on a small group of people, it really shows how selfish we can be. Incidentally, the same experiment was conducted in a very similar manner across thousands of miles, in India. Though the affluence level of people might not be the same across continents, astonishingly, the results were very identical in both the experiments.

In India too, a group of youngsters who call themselves the TroubleSeekerTeam, decided to test people's generosity in helping a youngster. In this case as well, a young man went around asking people to spare a few morsels of the meal they were eating, saying he was quite hungry and didn't have any money. Needless to say, he faced rejection from all those who were requested to spare a small portion of their food.

Just like the original experiment, a homeless person sitting on the street was presented with a packet of food and drink. When the youth subsequently approached the poor man, he was met with the same warmhearted response that the American homeless person had given the youth.

While such experiments may prove little, they certainly serve as a strong reminder of a quote by Winston Churchill, which says, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Charity and generosity are an essential component of co-existence that allows goodwill to spread through the society. This flow is utmost necessary for a blessed existence, these experiments seem to suggest.

[Image Credit |, imgur]