More proof the Washington Redskins are a bad organization

I know, I know sometimes talking about the Washington Redskins feels like piling on. I also happen to know that former General Manger Vinny Cerrato was in way over his head. I point this out because it is my belief that Daniel Snyder is one of the worst owners in football. Let’s face it the guy is exactly what football does not want, mega rich and clueless about football. I am going to talk about two trades, and why each of them prove that the Redskins have done a terrible job building up there team.

Let us get in the way back machine and go back to the time when Cerrato offered two first round draft picks for Chad Ochocinco. Two first round picks for a wide out is over paying by a literal ton. For whatever reason, another not so great owner Mike Brown, and his Cincinnati Bengals turned Cerrato down. For me it is another clear attempt by the Redskins to go out and get a name, without doing any of the other required football work. How good would Chad Ochocinco be if he had no QB to throw him the ball, or no “O” line to protect the QB. Football is a puzzle and for years the Redskins have been playing with out all the pieces.

The next trade that never happened was a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for RB Jamaal Charles. I recently ranked him in my top five fantasy running backs for the 2011 season, but he could have been a Redskin for the low low price of a third round pick. In 2009 Charles was fourth on the Chiefs depth chart and having trouble picking up the offense. Cerrato offered Kansas City a fourth and the Chiefs wisely upped that offer to a third. The Redskins thought that was too high a price to pay. Giving up a third round pick for a difference maker is what good NFL front offices have to do.

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