Duchess Kate Pregnancy Bets: Bookies Say Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Announcement Coming Soon

Duchess Kate pregnancy bets skyrocketed this week, and now bookies are saying that Kate Middleton is indeed pregnant — and that the palace will be making an official announcement soon. These rumors come just one week before Prince George celebrates his first birthday, which certainly seems like odd timing, no? According to Huffington Post, a “flurry” of wagers caused a bookmaker to suspend all bets on Kate’s possible pregnancy. The odds? 10:1.

A spokesperson for the betting firm said:

“With Prince George’s first birthday just around the corner, the latest gamble suggests that he could soon be joined by a little brother or sister. In fact, there could even be double celebrations in the Windsor household next Tuesday.”

Duchess Kate pregnancy bets started soaring the day after a former friend of Kate’s “leaked” the baby news to the Australian press. Said friend, Jessica Hay, has been known to leak information about Kate Middleton to the press. Previously, she said that Kate told her about her royal engagement “before anyone else,” and Hay told the media that the royal wedding would be “within a year’s time.” Sure enough, it was. Hay also leaked Kate’s first pregnancy to the press — and within weeks, the palace made an official announcement about the royal baby (you now fondly know him as Prince George).

Since Hay has a decent track record when it comes to outing the royal family by way of her not-so-great connection to the Duchess of Cambridge, people tend to believe what she says. So, if she says that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child, there’s a good chance that she is telling the truth.

Duchess Kate pregnancy bets could mean that people are basing their wages simply on chance — but what is a bet after all? If Kate is pregnant, and the palace makes an announcement in the coming weeks, those who placed bets will find themselves winners. If not, well, there will be plenty of other opportunities for them to press their luck in the future.

According to Entertainment Wise, bookies tend to know what they are doing when it comes to the royal family. They successfully guessed that William and Kate would name their son “George,” so maybe there really is more to this than meets the eye. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many feel that the palace will wait until Kate is further along in her pregnancy before they make the announcement, more than likely because she was so sick the first time around, and they want to make sure that she’s well before the onslaught of media coverage.

[Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip]