Joe Manganiello Shows Conan O’Brien His Stripper Moves [Video]

Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello these days is known for his True Blood stint, but now he’s hitting the talk show circuit, and it looks like he’s really showing his personality.

Manganiello hit Conan O’Brien’s talk show on TBS to promote his projects, and while on the show, his previous role in Magic Mike as Big D–k Richie came up in conversation. It’s not a huge surprise that the role would be brought up as it’s the film that really skyrocketed Joe Manganiello’s star quality. It’s also the first time audiences took notice of Manganiello up on the big screen.

Conan O’Brien, who’s usually up for anything, inquired further about his stripper days while on the set of Magic Mike, and the two discussed stripper names.

“I can see if you have the wrong name you wouldn’t make a lot of tips right off the bat. Have you been working on your male stripper name?”

Conan of course asked the star if he could give him a stripper name. The Magic Mike actor paused and came up with the epic name “Big Red,” which perfectly suits the red-haired host. Everyone knows that a stripper name is only part of the character. Manganiello immediately went into the back story of “Big Red” to Conan’s delight.

“Like a viking with the helmet, the tear away armor, like ‘I’m here to pillage your village. I’m going to have my way with you, women!”

The last part of turning Conan O’Brien into a full-fledged stripper was finding a signature move. With some pushing from O’Brien, the host was able to convince the actor to show him a very popular move called “the body roll.”

When Joe isn’t showing Conan his big stripper move, these days he’s romancing his former crush turned girlfriend Sofia Vergara. As we reported, the star celebrated with Vergara for her 42nd birthday. The couple have been getting to know each other for the last few weeks, and now they’ve ventured from the friend zone to a relationship.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the pair were very lovey dovey over the fourth of July weekend. Vergara and her new man were spotted in New Orleans sharing a meal together.

“They were very friendly and took pictures with other diners.” During the meal, the two reportedly “held each other and kissed several times.”

Before Sofia and Joe became more than friends, the saucy Latin star had called off her engagement to Nick Loeb and released a statement about the split via her Instagram.

Check out the video of Joe Manganiello on Conan O’Brien.

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