Amber Tamblyn And America Ferrera: Still BFFs After All These Years

Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera are still besties, ten years after TheSisterhood of the Traveling Pants started their friendship, Us Weekly is reporting.

The two women were recently spotted together at the L.A. screening of Ferrera's new film, X/Y, according to Yahoo. There, they dished to Us Weekly about their guys, their friendship with each other, and their friendships with the other two stars of Sisterhood, Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively.

America and her husband, Ryan Piers Williams (director of X/Y), and Amber and her husband, comedian/actor David Cross, go on double dates - all the time, according to Tamblyn.

Usually America and I going out first, eating and catching up and talking about extensionalism and philosophy, and where we are in our lives. And that usually lasts about 2 hours. And then the dudes join up and they have been and then we talk about sports for 10 minutes. And then America and I go back to being in love with each other. They go off and do their own thing.
Amber and America became friends on the set of 2005's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Based on Ann Brashares' young-adult novel of the same name, the film follows four friends who go their separate ways into adulthood, but stay connected by sharing a pair of jeans that fits them each perfectly. That film was followed by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 in 2008.

One of Amber Tamblyn's first gigs was as Emily Quartermaine on TV's General Hospital. She followed that up with jobs in TV and movies, most notably the short-lived series Joan of Arcadia, and the horror film The Ring. Since the Pants movies, she's worked steadily in TV and movies, most notably Django, Unchained and Two and a Half Men. She's also found time to marry comedian David Cross (who is 20 years her senior) and carve out a career as a poet.

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America Ferrera, meanwhile, has had various TV roles, notably starring in Ugly Betty, and in films, most notably as the voice of Astrid in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. She married director Ryan Piers Williams in 2011, according to People.

In some more good news for fans of the Pants franchise, Us Weekly announced in April that a third and final movie, Sisterhood Everlasting, based on Brashares' fifth and final book in the series. As of this post, there is no confirmation as to whether Ferrera, Tamblyn, Bledel or Lively have committed to the project.

Image source: Yahoo.