Lana Del Rey Prepping ‘Ultraviolence’ As Next Single

Lana Del Rey is reportedly releasing the title track from her album Ultraviolence as her next single. Controversy will likely ensue.

The singer’s latest record has certainly enjoyed a healthy run at retail. As of this writing, the collection of tunes is hanging out at number eight on the Billboard 200 albums chart. To keep the momentum going, Lana and her handlers are preparing to drop another single.

According to Fashion & Style, the controversial track was reportedly selected as the next release from Del Rey’s acclaimed album. The tune, which some people feel glorifies domestic violence, is likely to get an accompanying music video in the coming weeks as well. However, details are few and far between at the moment.

Although some publications have demonized Lana Del Rey for singing about something so grave, others feel that the singer is simply chronicling a crime that happens with shocking occurrence throughout the world on a daily basis. In fact, claims that “one in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.”

Pop Matters explained:

“Some will say that the track romanticizes domestic violence, but it appears less as if she’s turning a blind eye to the brutality, and more as if she’s simply documenting its existence.”

Lavish Rebellion points out that Lana Del Rey’s upcoming live performances could get more than a little awkward should she decide to perform the track for her adoring fans. After all, a sing-along to a tune that supposedly glorifies such a heinous crime probably isn’t going to sit well with a lot of people.

The website explains:

“‘Ultraviolence’ may be guaranteed to be the most uncomfortable moment of her upcoming tour for the album with the same title. For fans in the audience, will they want to sing along but in what state of emotion is appropriate for a song like this? A room of sadness is unison? Considering some of the biggest hits in popular music from the past it wouldn’t be the first time.”

In fact, some people aren’t happy that the song exists at all.

lana del rey promotes domestic violence prostitution and drug use in her songs i’m glad i am not a fan

— hhhhhhhhh (@shrekteen) June 12, 2014

stop romanticizing codependency and domestic violence indirect to twitter user lanadelrey

— birdelia du maurier (@joylessness) June 10, 2014

Are you surprised that Lana Del Rey selected “Ultraviolence” as her next single?

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