Jennifer Aniston Launches All-New Fragrance: 'Smells Like The Beach With A Hint Of Sea Salt'

Jennifer Aniston just announced the release of her second fragrance, J by Jennifer Aniston, just in time for summer.

The fragrance isn't your standard flowery summer smell, but rather a more musky, "real" smell incorporating the odors of summer.

Aniston spoke to PEOPLE magazine ahead of the launch of her latest fragrance. She started by discussing her first fragrance, eponymous : "My debut fragrance is a clean, feminine perfume — it reminds me of the way you smell when you just arrive at the beach: fresh, with a touch of sunblock and sand."

She continued to introduce J, and spoke about how it smells: "This new fragrance is its complement. It has a hint of that salty sea smell that reminds me of a day spent in the ocean. It's relaxed and refreshing," she said.

Just to make it as perfect a possible, Jennifer Aniston made sure that the ombré blue glass bottle, which the fragrance comes in, matches perfectly with her vision of a beach type smell. Apparently, the scent is a delicate mixture of salt, clean florals - like waterlily and magnolia - as well as vanilla bourbon notes for a musky feel.

When her first fragrance, eponymous, was launched back in 2011, Aniston told PEOPLE that perfume was totally her thing and something she loved being involved with:

"I wanted to create my own fragrance because for years, I would make scented oils and lotions for my girlfriends for wedding showers, baby showers and birthdays. I would create a personalized scent for them, so when I was offered the opportunity to design my own fragrance I jumped at the chance," she said.

What remains to be seen is whether or not Jennifer Aniston's latest scent to hit stores will prove, in the long-term, to be as successful as her first, or if it's just a passing summer fad.