Street Drug Ecstasy Could Treat Cancer Better Than Current Drugs [Study]

Researchers at Birmingham University say their new drug treatment for various cancers can increase the cancer-suppressing powers of certain drugs by 100-fold, there’s only one catch, it requires using the illegal substance ecstasy.

According to researchers the treatment can help aid in the suppression and treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Researchers also revealed that while Ecstasy was already known to fight white blood cell cancers the dosages that were previously required would kill the patient before the cancer cells could be destroyed.

According to scientists working on the project:

“This is an exciting next step,” while they added, “While we would not wish to give people false hope, the results of this research hold the potential for improvement in treatments in years to come.”

The drug is far from being ready for production with many more tests and tweaks to equations still needing to be performed, then again even if successful scientists may still face an uphill battle as marijuana researchers have for years due to the illegal status of the substances they work with.

I for one would be happy to pop a few pills of researcher created ecstasy in a safe environment if it meant I could feel amazing while also having my cancer cured at much faster and less intrusive rates than currently available cancer treatment drugs.

Where do you stand on the ecstasy cancer treatment debate?