Tamra Barney: Did Real Housewives Star Have Plastic Surgery Or Not?

Tamra Barney, The Real Housewives of Orange County star, looks pretty good for her age. Forget that! She looks amazing! And it’s almost unbelievable that she is going to be a grandmother soon.

But the question on many people’s lips is: How much work has Barney had done? Lots we think, and so does Andy Cohen fromWatch What Happens Live, who interviewed her. Cohen came straight out with it and asked Barney, point-blank, whether or not she’s had plastic surgery:

Cohen read a question from an audience member: “What all has Tamra Barney done to her face? Eyelift, facelift, her legs look great though,” and then asked her the question directly himself, “Have you done something to your face?”

To which Tamra Barney replied suspiciously: “Nothing, zero,” but Cohen dug wasn’t having any of it and dug further: “Fillers. I feel like I’m looking at some fillers,” “I haven’t,” replied Barney adding: “I mean, come on, I’m honest.”

But Cohen still didn’t leave poor Tamra alone and continued: “Oh my God, you have,” to which she replied, “I don’t lie!”

Although with a little further pushing Cohen did manage to get Tamra Barney to fess-up to having at least a bit of work done: “You have new stuff in your cheek,” asked Cohen, to which Barney admitted, “Maybe just a little.” Phew! She is human after all.

Back in 2012 Barney wrote on her personal Facebook page about the breast implants she had done, then removed: “Removing my implants was a way of me taking back control of MY body physically and mentally,” she wrote.

Adding that: “The best part of being in my 40’s is that I started to feel more secure with my self and accepting of my body. I now work hard to keep my self healthy with diet and exercise. I love the way I look without my implants and do NOT miss them at all.”