One of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s PVP modes is Huttball

BioWare announced today one of several PVP ‘Warzones’ in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The reveal introduces us to Huttball, a PVP mode that pits players against each other in a not-so-friendly competition. Interestingly, BioWare also revealed that the teams won’t necessarily be split up based on faction, meaning a mix of Jedi and Sith on one team is possible.

The goal of Huttball, BioWare explains, is to pick up a ball located in the center of the field and carry it into the enemy’s base. If that sounds too simple for your liking, there’s more – not only will players be able to take the opposing team out in combat, there’s various deathtraps and hazards spread out across the playing field to keep things deadly.

It may not exactly be the type of PVP I imagined for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but I must admit this this actually sounds pretty fun. Chaotic, even.

If you’d like to check out this Star Wars: The Old Republic warzone for yourself, check out the video embedded below for a taste of the action.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is due out by the end of the year on PC.