July 16, 2014
'Duck Dynasty' GQ Interview With Phil Robertson Was Like 'Spiritual Warfare,' Claims Jase Robertson

The Duck Dynasty GQ interview that landed Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson in so much hot water apparently felt like an attack on the family according to Jase Robertson.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Si Robertson revealed the reason why his wife, Christine, does not show her face on the popular reality TV show despite the majority of the Duck Dynasty family being involved. Jep Robertson's daughter Lilly went on her first date and at first Jep was quite upset and adamant that a 11-year-old girl should not be dating. But the family also recently faced another type of controversy because it was revealed the family may benefit from $6.2 million from taxpayers, which means they earn much more than smart guys like Stephen Hawking.

Now when Phil was interviewed by GQ writer Drew Magary, initially the entire family was involved. But eventually the entire Duck Dynasty cast walked out on the interview because "it felt more like an attack because our family has a prayer at the end of the show." Jase says he tried to convince his father "to stop the interview because the questions were hypothetical, argumentative, and controversial." The reason Jase felt the interview was like "spiritual warfare" is because he felt an "animosity toward our faith in God and belief" that he had never experienced before in any of his previous interviews.

The situation was so bad that this is how Jase recalls the interview starting:

"He was using four-letter words, a lot of F-bombs, he was making fun of some of the things we hold true. The first statement of the whole process was, he looked at me and said, 'Do you actually expect people to believe that you waited until you got married before you had sex?' That was the first statement out of his mouth. Well, I kind of looked around at the publicist and I thought, 'Is this the interview?' I mean, because this was just the way it came across."
As we all know by now, A&E temporarily suspended Phil from the Duck Dynasty show but reinstated him after fans showed their outrage. In addition to Phil's comments on homosexuality, the GQ interview also included a snippet from Phil's past where he spoke about not remembering seeing racism in action while growing up. The quote was completely out of context within the GQ interview, but based upon what Jase says it's possible this was done on purpose.

Still, Jase does not believe Magary purposefully tried to set up the Duck Dynasty family by the way the interview was conducted:

"No, I don't want to get into the mind, but the questions were only about controversial things. He asked about, he looked at my dad and said, 'What do you think of homosexuality?' Which my dad didn't really answer but, you know. And so it went from there. You see what I mean? And so, I think it was just a plan to get some, some of that [which] caused us some trouble. But, you know, we don't hold anything against him, so. Or even by trying that. My dad thought he wanted to take a stand in his house, and I don't blame him."
What do you think about the Duck Dynasty GQ interview and Phil Robertson now that you know the background behind the infamous incident?