An implantable glucose monitor in the works to ease those pin-pricked fingers

For diabetics the ritual of having to prick their fingers to draw that drop of blood for the glucose meter to analyse is a necessity of life. It seems that researchers in Japan feel your pain as they have been working on an embeddable sensor that will glow based on your blood glucose levels

The research is being conducted at the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo and as you can see from the image above they have it working in a mouse’s ear.

The photo above is the researchers implanting the sensor into the ear of a bald test mouse. The photo in the gallery of the angry mouse shows the sensor in the mouse ear glowing in response to blood sugar. The new sensor is made of a glucose-responsive fluorescent hydrogel encapsulated in a fiber structure. The fiber is 1mm in diameter and is designed to be easily injected under the skin and removed with tweezers.

via SlashGear

Tests so far have shown the sensor was accurate and stable for up to 140 days but work is continuing to lengthen the live span of the sensor.