Mariah Carey Photoshop Exposed: Unretouched Images Show A Very Different Superstar

Mariah Carey, let’s be honest, looks pretty darn good at age 44, and she really has nothing much to worry about. But apparently, whether at the singer’s own request or just on their own, someone in the photo department at Wonderland Magazine did quite a retouching job on controversial photographer Terry Richardson’s recent photographs of the superstar for a photo spread in the publication.

The before and after images were obtained by the site Jezebel, which speculated that Richardson’s signature “point and shoot” style may have necessitated the Photoshop job. Richardson specializes in photographs taken with an ordinary flash that are meant to look “candid,” presenting celebrities much closer to how they look in real life than in glammed-up fashion spreads.

Maybe that approach was too much for a high-end glossy like Wonderland.

At the same time, as Cosmpolitan, of all places, pointed out, “Isn’t the real problem here that they thought there was anything wrong with her body in the first place? It’s yet another reminder not take glamorous celebrity images too seriously.”

Britain’s Daily Mirror notes that the Richardson originals are crude even by his own standards. Some even appear out of focus. The lack of photographic professionalism could have led to the heavy Photoshop work, but, the paper speculated, “we reckon Mariah just wanted to look younger and thinner.”

That’s Richardson in the photo with her, by the way.

Mariah Carey strikes a number of sexy poses in the publication, scantily clad in lingerie and draped seductively in diamonds. But as you can see, someone believed that she wasn’t quite hot enough. So whoever had access to the Photoshop software performed some rather extensive digital plastic surgery on the voluptuous form of Mariah Carey.

From evening out and darkening her bronzed skin, to a tummy tuck and jawline lift, Photoshop ironed out most every perceived flaw in the famous Mariah Carey figure.

He breasts have been enlarged, but any puffiness has been removed from her face. A couple of creases in her neckline were smoothed out. Even her wrist was made to appear thinner.

Frankly, it’s hard to tell if Mariah Carey is carrying any weight in her wrists in these photos — because she’s wearing gloves. But that didn’t stop the Photoshop surgeon from a nip and tuck on her anatomy there as well.

While fans of Mariah Carey expressed their embarrassment for her on Twitter, it’s worth a reminder that the superstar songstress really has nothing to be embarrassed about — without Photoshop.