Gwyneth Paltrow’s Rep Denies She Was Mean to the Maid

Lots of celebrities head out to the Hamptons on Long Island for at least part of the summer, occupying sprawling estates just a few hours east of Manhattan.

One such star is Gwyneth Paltrow- who, among other traits, is known for being a bit… snobby. When Paltrow isn’t writing about organic, artisanal and free-range foods on her blog Goop or complaining about how crass and uninteresting her fellow Americans are, she likes to kick back on an estate out in the Hamptons with her soft-rockstar husband.

Paltrow is no stranger to player haters who have complained her star power is largely due to being born to rich, famous parents. So it probably wasn’t a shock to her when a rumor began circulating she didn’t treat the help all that well when staying at her Hamptons hideaway. As the story goes, Paltrow’s maid was offered a ride to the star’s digs in the summer heat, and gladly accepted- which set the star off:

“Gwyneth was mad that the maid showed strangers where she lived,” the insider tells Us. “Gwyneth said, ‘Please don’t give my maid a ride again!’”

Reps for Paltrow deny the incident occurred, and says that Paltrow’s maid actually has a car, thank you very much. Alas, the tale probably gained traction- whether it happened or not- because the actions described sound a bit like something Paltrow could do, based on her public persona. Still, her rep insists:

“Her housekeeper has a car, and Gwyneth would never say something like that.”