WWE News: Did WWE Retire The World Heavyweight Championship Belt Last Night?

All over the Internet Wrestling Community today lays an important question that could affect the WWE's future forever. Did WWE retire the World Heavyweight belt last night on Raw? The answer doesn't state a clear future for the big gold belt. Rumors are going around that it wasn't officially retired, but that it may not be around on television for a period of time.

There was a rumor going around last night that WWE retired the World Heavyweight title last night on Raw. When Ric Flair was leaving and going to the back, John Cena gave Flair the belt and Flair went to the back. This led to fans speculating that they retired the title.

While, PWInsider couldn't confirm the belt is retired, they are reporting that when Flair walked to the back, he gave the title back to WWE and did not leave with the title.

There has been an update on the story that PWInsider reported above that could shed some light on the situation. It's now being said that the "big gold belt" was removed from the Champions section of WWE.com. Cena is only posing with the WWE championship, rather than both titles.

If this is true, the WWE is making a big mistake. Utilizing only one championship with all of their talent is a waste of superstars. Imagine the impact Bray Wyatt could have as the World Heavyweight champion on Smackdown. Granted, he might miss some time with his eye, the point remains clear. Edge, the Undertaker, Sheamus, Kane and others helped make the World Heavyweight belt famous over the last 10 years.


After the unofficial brand conversion took place, Smackdown has become the Raw review show, with a few great matches sprinkled in week-after-week. It was nothing like the brand split, when Smackdown actually got rave reviews and it made Raw compete much harder than it currently does.

With so much firepower WWE has right now, a brand split would be perfect for men like Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Wade Barrett and Wyatt. Yet, the WWE thinks otherwise and might continue to run a powerful wrestling company with only one major title.

Impact Wrestling is running with one belt, albeit a bit less successfully, and the ratings show proof. It's a wide comparison, but the WWE will continue to waste excellent talent until the World Heavyweight belt is resurrected.

The World Heavyweight championship has been in existence since 2002. Eric Bischoff awarded Triple H the championship on Raw during the brand split after Brock Lesnar went to Smackdown exclusively. After last night, it may be the last time the WWE Universe sees the World Heavyweight title for a long time.

[Images via WWE.com]