Good Morning America Celebrates The Awesomeness That Are America’s Firefighters

Good Morning America loves its firefighters so much that the hosts of the popular ABC morning television show recently initiated a “5-Alarm Firefighters Challenge” designed to give every American firefighter a chance to strut his or her stuff for Good Morning America’s huge national audience.

The challenge encouraged departments from across the country to submit a 2-minute video of its proud firefighters dancing (and doing other things) to the hit song “Safe and Sound.” While dozens participated, only three managed to make it to this week’s finals, which started on Monday and will officially end on tomorrow’s edition of Good Morning America.

According My Northwest Kiro Radio, one of these three happen to be the brave public workers from the Tacoma Fire Department in Florida. They pieced together an awesome music video that shows them “battling blazes, saving kittens from trees and busting some moves around T-town” as music plays in the background:

Their video so invigorated Good Morning America’s loyal fan base that they voted the team into the finals, where according to The News Tribune, they then went up against Florida firefighters from Golf Shores Fire & Rescue and Texas firefighters from the McAllen Fire Department, both groups of which (as you can see below) earned their own place in the finals via some A game:

To recap, all three teams made it into this week’s finals. For Monday’s edition of Good Morning America, they engaged in a fun but unofficial dance-off. The real battle began today, when according to Yahoo News, the three teams faced off in an obstacle-course battle:

The speedy gentlemen from Golf Shores Fire & Rescue tried their hardest, but sadly, they fell short to their slightly faster counterparts from Tacoma and McAllen.

What happens next? A recipe battle, of course! The two remaining teams shared their favorite recipes with the viewers of Good Morning America, and said viewers must now choose a winner based on which recipe they prefer. The Tacoma team went with a rendition of ‘Chicken en Croute,’ while the McAllen team opted for ‘Beef Tips with Vegetables’.

Voting began earlier today and continues until 8:30am tomorrow morning. The winner is slated to be unveiled soon after on Wednesday’s edition of Good Morning America. Here’s the kicker: the winning team gets a whopping $10,000 for their fire department! Make sure you tune in for tomorrow’s show, but also make sure you take the time to visit Good Morning America’s website and cast a vote!

Image via [ABC News]