Woman Spends $30k To Look Like Kim: Does Claire Leeson Look Like Kim Kardashian?

A woman spends $30k to look like Kim Kardashian, but were her efforts worth it? According to Total Beauty, Claire Leeson wanted nothing more than to look like the reality star so she did whatever it took to get herself there.

Leeson underwent numerous plastic surgeries, mainly altering her face and her breasts, to make herself more Kim-like. According to the report, Leeson's obsession with Kimmy K came after she realized that she had the same number of sisters as her.

Yeah, that's all it took.

Leeson really wanted to take this all the way, so she went did all kinds of things from teeth whitening to a nose job.

"[She] invested thousands in spray tans, wardrobe, and hair extensions to look just like Kim."

When a woman spends $30k to look like Kim K., one would expect the results to be pretty close, right? While Leeson does sort of resemble Kardashian, some think that her efforts were a complete waste of time and money. She admits that she is in "major debt" following her decision to change herself but she does not regret her transformation decision. According to Huffington Post, in fact, Leeson is obsessed with "getting her Kimmy on."

She explained:

"When I get my Kimmy on I feel like I'm unstoppable and untouchable and I feel like no one can stop me and I can make something of myself. I feel strong … and I feel that I have built enough confidence to love myself a little bit more."

A woman who spends $30k to look like Kim should get some benefit, don't you think? Well, how about this: Leeson recently got a job working as a Kim Kardashian double (yes, such a position was apparently available). It's unknown how much she's making as an impersonator, but hopefully she's able to put some money away because she says that she wants even more surgery. Next on her list? Butt implants.

It's too bad Claire Leeson couldn't make the money that Kim Kardashian makes. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kim's new app is set to rake in $200 million in 2014 alone -- and it was just released in June. Can you imagine what Leeson would look like if she made that kind of money?!

Do you think Leeson looks like Kim Kardashian? What do you make of people having plastic surgery in order to look like their favorite celebrity?

Photos courtesy of Claire Leeson / Instagram]