‘I Love My Soldier’ Bumper Sticker Prompts Nasty Letter On Windshield

A hateful letter was left on a windshield because of an “I Love My Soldier” bumper sticker proudly displayed by a military fiancé. Ellen Wilson, of Georgia, is still extremely puzzled about the incident, and does not want another military spouse or significant other to have to endure the same experience.

Earlier this month, Ellen Wilson walked back to her car in a parking lot and found a rather vile rant of a letter on her windshield. She drove away slowly before grabbing and reading for safety reasons, in case someone was watching her. The unsigned letter offered sharp criticism about Wilson’s soldier fiancé, and said he and others serving in the Armed Forces should never be thought of as heroes.

The letter prompted by the I Love My Soldier bumper sticker reads:

“So I noticed your ‘I love my soldier’ decal. I’m sure he is your [sic] ‘hero’ too right? I feel really bad for you and how blind you must be to what is really going on in this country. First off he is NOT your hero. Your ‘man’ is a pawn being used in the immoral game of wholesale murder. If you’re aware of the real reasons America goes to war (corporate profits) and the role ‘soldiers’ play in making such immoral acts possible. The last thing you would label a soldier is a hero.

There is nothing heroic about blindly following immoral orders from a undeserved paycheck, especially when such orders involve the unnecessary murder of others!!! It’s people like you and your ‘soldier’ who are destructing our country, shame on you b****! You’re lucky I didn’t slash your damn tires!”

viral soldier letter

During an interview with WTVM local news, Ellen Wilson had this to say about her reaction to the stunning letter:
“How could someone do this? I’m not mad. It’s fine what you believe in and what I believe in, but I’m not going to hate you for it. But to attack somebody else, close to me, is a different story. This is real, and it happened, and I just don’t want it to affect another military spouse.”

The military fiancé has now removed the I Love My Solider bumper sticker at her soon-to-be-husband’s request. The soldier likely did not want his loved one to become a target for either verbal, or perhaps even physical abuse, by the letter’s author, or others like the individual.

American Legion and Veteran’s Council member, retired Marine Jimmy Ray, was equally disturbed by the letter the military fiancé received on her windshield. “If they are so concerned, why didn’t they sign it? So, the gutless person, if you are listening, why don’t you come forward and let us know who you are like the gentleman on Tybee did in his letter to the editor. He had to sign his name, and you see what he got,” Ray said. A similar letter bashing soldiers had appeared in the local paper after Wilson posted a photo of the letter she received online. The writer of the signed and published letter garnered a multitude of backlash for his sentiments.

What do you think about the soldier bashing letter on the windshield of the military fiance’s car?