Jenny McCarthy On ‘The View’: ‘Not Allowed To Be The Best Of Me Here’

After getting fired from The View, co-host Jenny McCarthy has her claws out — sort of. It’s easy to see why McCarthy would have reason to bad mouth the show. She probably didn’t like the way her sudden firing made her look in the public eye, especially when she had already mortifyingly predicted just a week or two before that she would be on The View for decades to come.

At first, McCarthy was trying to spin the story, and made it seem like her firing was a decision that was amicable between both parties.

Maybe it’s the media blitz she’s had to deal with since her firing, or perhaps it’s the fact that she’s still contractually obliged to finish out the rest of the season, but by the time she spoke with Howard Stern, Jenny McCarthy was spinning the story in another direction yet again.

Addressing the nature of the show, McCarthy said that around February she started to realize that she couldn’t be her full self with the ladies of The View.

“I’ll tell you something Howard. It’s like halfway into [my tenure on “The View”], it was probably around February, I went, ‘God I’m not allowed to be the best of me here.’”

According to The Wrap, she continued to discuss how the format can bring out a strong opinionated voice in someone and leave another without a voice during the hot topic discussions.

“I feel like to have a voice, to be able to speak without having to interrupt people … It’s very difficult, and I don’t like doing it, it’s very uncomfortable, so I felt like, ‘You know what? Maybe this is just a stepping stone for me to go somewhere where I can actually be my full self.’”

As we reported, the former Playboy model became a full-time co-host back in July of 2013, but was then unceremoniously fired with co-host Sherri Shepherd, which left plenty of room for Rosie O’Donnell to return. While everyone seems to have an opinion on whether or not O’Donnell has any business in returning, McCarthy discussed the politics that immediately came in when Rosie’s negotiations started to consume the production of the show.

“If I wanted to stay with Rosie [O’Donnell] and I was a Republican, I would still be there right now.”

As for her own Sirius show Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy, the former co-host said that her fiance Donnie Wahlberg would be making his way on the show. As far as anyone from The View, McCarthy said Sherri might make an appearance if she’s not too busy.

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