Chipotle Roof Sex: Couple Keeps Going Even When Police Catch Them In Act On Restaurant Rooftop

In a scene too spicy even for a Mexican restaurant, a couple having sex in full public view on the roof of a Chipotle in Delaware got themselves arrested after they continued the act even when police responded to neighbor complaints and ordered the pair to cease and desist.

Michael Suh, 38, who operates Mizu Sushi Bar just a few doors down from the Chipotle Mexican chain restaurant on East Main Street in Newark, Delaware, and 27-year-old Nicole Germack were busted by cops Saturday night after a rooftop tryst in which, according to police records, they "clearly knew they were being watched."

But whatever thrill the amorous pair got from putting on their performance in plain sight of several witnesses — at least four of whom said they yelled at the lovers to stop, only to be ignored — was considerably dampened when police took them both into custody shortly after 9:40 pm, on charges of "indecent exposure, lewdness, loitering, resisting arrest and conspiracy."

By the time police showed up, the Chipotle roof encounter had become a full spectator event, with a crowd gathered across the street taking in the action. The single-story building with a low rooftop allowed for an unobstructed view of the proceedings.

Newark Police Corporal James Spadola said that when officers showed up at the Chipotle and saw Suh and Germack engaged in sexual intercourse near the front of the Chipotle roof, they ordered the couple to knock it off.

The female later identified as Germack looked at the officers, looked away, then continued with the act. At the time, according to police and witnesses, Germack was wearing a black dress that had been hiked up over her waist and her breasts became exposed at some point during the sexual episode.

Suh had removed his shirt, witnesses said.

After police then informed the preoccupied couple that they were under arrest, Suh reportedly said something to Germack and they finally called off whatever was left of their performance. But instead of giving up to police, they fled into Suh's apartment.

Cops soon showed up at the door, where Suh met them and quickly apologized, telling them that the encounter was "an in the moment thing." But it was too late. Police could not let the pair off without charges. They were arrested and later released on $1,800 bail.

Contacted later by the local media, Suh said his lawyer had advised him not to comment on the incident, because a court hearing is pending.

The Chipotle roof sex couple may be a little embarrassed today, but they were far luckier than a young couple in England last month who, as The Inquisitr reported at the time, were having sex on a sixth-floor balcony when they slipped and fell to their deaths.